We can design an itinerary to suit your particular needs, be it a day out from the Gold Coast Broadwater or a longer cruise to the far north. Contact us and we will plan the trip with you, including destinations, activities, water sports and suggested locations for joining and leaving the vessel. PHOENIX ONE is fully equipped for some of the most adventurous cruises the region has to offer, but is just as suited to a leisurely cruise between Whitsunday Island resorts for the less adventurous at heart.

Whether you are coming from overseas or locally, we can help you with travel arrangements to the nearest airport or other access location. From here we will arrange direct transfer to PHOENIX ONE by water or private aircraft as required, for both your guests and their luggage.

To give an idea on some of the travel packages PHOENIX ONE has run over the years, here are some itinerary examples that can be expanded to encompass other activities.

You agree the time and place, and we do the rest.

Northern Territory fishing expedition:

A typical round trip from the Gove-to-Wessels-rivers-return. It can alternate depending on tides and weather but it's general course can be followed on our chart (click for large image).
Night 1: You will be picked up from the airport when your flight from Cairns arrives at 7.30pm, and the adventure begins with a trip out across Gove Harbour to PHOENIX ONE on board the fishing tender.  You will be greeted, shown your cabins and offered welcome drinks and nibbles.  You settle in and PHOENIX ONE departs Gove Harbour and travels overnight.
Remember to take your camera every day! You will want to record your catch and you never know when that one special moment will occur that you will capture forever.
Day 1:  Arrive at the 'hole in the wall' early morning.  This amazing gap between two islands is at average 100 metres wide, with, as the name Gugari rip suggests, a very strong current.  
Once through, we travel along the island to an anchorage near the Cumberland Straights and commence fishing at your leisure.  Guests report that they can’t fish for more than a couple of hours as they get tired reeling in species such as Queen Fish, Giant Trevally, Coral Trout and Mackerel.  Back to PHOENIX ONE for lunch and a relax, then off fishing again for the afternoon bite.   Dinner would be eating your catch of the day cooked the way you like it by our on-board chef and accompanied by your choice of a fabulous red or a cheeky white wine (a different one every night).
Day 2:
  A relaxed start to the day with a full breakfast, then fishing the morning bite.  Fly fishermen can cast off from the white sandy beaches and the beautiful clear waters of these uninhabited islands. Lunch and a chat to compare catches (log yours into the friendly on-board competition for the most caught or largest fish).  Fishing again for the dedicated or an afternoon nap and a cool drink for the more relaxed traveller.  Sit on the back deck and feed the friendly yellow lemon sharks (a toothless variety) that visit regularly.
Day 3:  After breakfast you have an option of fishing or taking a walk on the nearby island to see the rock wallabies that abound in the area and beach combing for anything interesting that may have washed up on the tide. Spend the afternoon fishing the bite.  Depart for Buckingham Bay.
Day 4:  Arrive Buckingham Bay in the morning and anchor up in one of the rivers.  Board the dories for your first trip to catch the famed Barramundi.  Back for lunch and a break until the afternoon bite.  Watch out for visiting crocs - but take care - they are fascinating creatures but not to be underestimated.  We'll set the crab pots this afternoon.  Hopefully mud crab for dinner.  Watch a beautiful sunset whilst having a drink and discussing tactics for tomorrow.
Day 5: Some enthusiasts have been known to get up really early to fish before breakfast, but the rest of us more sane folk do enjoy a lie in and a leisurely breakfast.  Dinner tonight will be your first Barramundi meal of the trip and is something to look forward to.  Anyone fancy a game of cards or a movie after dinner?
Day 6:
  Nearing the end of the trip now and the competition is heating up as anglers vie for the largest fish prize.  It’s all stops out and each guest is trying to bribe their guide into some shady deals (they can’t be bought but  just in case - the camera doesn’t lie so make sure you take yours!!)  A friendly game of scrabble after dinner tonight?
Day 7:
  Its crunch time and your last chance to bring your fishing skills into action if you are to take the prize.   That’s followed by a last fabulous dinner and an opportunity to swap contact details with your new friends and toast to a job well done for everyone. 
You all sleep well while the beautiful PHOENIX ONE and her trusty crew sails you back to Gove in time to catch your flight out to Cairns in the morning.
While we encourage 'catch and release' you can have as many fish meals as you like during the trip.  The legal minimum size for a Barramundi is 55cm and we don’t keep Barramundi over 80cm because they are more than likely female.  We do have measure guides on board each fishing tender if in doubt.  Remember the ones you leave behind this year will be much bigger when you come back for another chance next year. 

Whitsundays charter:

Begin your amazing Whitsunday experience on PHOENIX ONE when you fly into Hamilton Island.  One of the most well-known islands in the Whitsunday group, this picturesque location boasts a man-made marina, restaurants and shops on one side and across the island, stunning views across Catseye Bay to the surrounding islands.
The mode of transport on the island is via golf buggies (hired locally) and we will collect you from the airport in one of these great little open air conveyances. On the way to the Marina and PHOENIX ONE we will take a quick detour to the lookout where you can take in the breath-taking views of this world renowned area. 
Once aboard PHOENIX ONE you will be greeted by the fabulous crew and settled into your luxurious cabins.
Enjoy a sunset walk followed by drinks and dinner on board while moored at the marina or we cast off and spend the first night at one of the many anchorages close by. 

Day 1: The first half is spent at Whitehaven Beach.  Don’t forget your hat as you will be ferried to the beach (complete with drinks, sunscreen and towel) in the tender, to enjoy a swim and a walk along the pristine white sands.  Later, you can be treated to a picnic lunch on the beach or taken back to PHOENIX ONE for a less sandy option.   A short trip later you can have a look at Esk Island or Tongue Bay and on to anchor overnight at Apostle Bay or Peter Bay (whichever is protected).

Day 2: After a leisurely breakfast we haul anchor and move to Cateran Bay on Border Island to enjoy snorkelling on the fringe reef.  After lunch we journey (albeit short) around Hook island on to Manta Ray bay.  The area is home to a variety of fish including Maori Wrass.  One of New Zealand’s well known identities who was a guest on board had an unexpected face to face experience with one of these rather large (according to him it was the size of a whale) species.  He bravely fought off its advances and for the rest of the trip called himself Wrassman.  From there we move to anchor overnight at Butterfly Bay.

Day 3: Starting with breakfast (how about pancakes today) we move around the top of Hayman Island to Blue Pearl Bay.  This lovely bay is a great place for a snorkel and fish feed (not you eating them – us feeding them).  After lunch we move on to Stonehaven for anchor overnight.

Day 4:  At Stonehaven you can snorkel around Black island or Bird Island. Then it’s a leisurely cruise on to Nara inlet for lunch and an afternoon bush walk to take in the sights and visit a cave complete with aboriginal art.  This is a very lovely area surrounded by hoop pine forests and a pretty place to enjoy for the night.

Day 5: Final day so how about splurging and having that full breakfast you have been denying yourself all week. We move to Sid harbour for lunch then cruise back to Hamilton.  Once there you can fly out or stay and indulge in dinner at one of the many restaurants on offer so you can have one more night in your wonderful cabin on board PHOENIX ONE.

You will be transported back to the airport for your trip home armed with a myriad of photos to show off to your friends back home who, now much to their regret, did not come with you this trip.  I’m sure they will be here next year!

Locations and times may vary depending on weather and wind conditions.  PHOENIX ONE will always anchor in areas that are the most protected from the conditions of the day to ensure you have safe and comfortable boating experiences.

Between May and October the humpback whales are on their migration journey and the Whitsundays is a favourite stop off area for them.  They are regularly seen cavorting and breaching in the warm waters.  The calves are born during this time and mothers are always reigning in the joyous antics of the babies as they try out their moves.  One group of our guests were able to watch from a distance as mother and baby enjoyed early morning quality time while baby fed supported by mum in the sheltered waters of Sid harbour.  An event to remember always!

Gold Coast Broadwater:

The Gold Coast has the largest area of protected waterways in Australia.  Not all are accessible to a vessel the size of PHOENIX ONE however we can cruise some of the most interesting.
North and South Stradbroke Islands protect the main coast line from the open sea and the channels between are used by many craft as they take advantage of the lovely weather.

One day cruise:

A typical smooth water one day trip starts from the Marina Mirage and heads north, following the channel to the lee side of South Stradbroke Island, passing the pretty man-made Wavebreak Island. Lunch is served at anchor at Curragie beach, South Stradbroke Island and guests are welcome to go ashore after lunch for a walk across the island to the surf beach.   It's then a short cruise trip back to berth at Marina Mirage.

An alternative would be cruising up to Sanctuary Cove having lunch (check our menu) on the way and admiring the large houses built on the water ways.

Two nights / three days Gold Coast Broadwater experience:

Day 1 morning: You arrive on board PHOENIX ONE, armed with a hat, walking shoes and the resolve to make the most of your long weekend off. We cast off and head north for a slow cruise up the river towards Coomera, admiring the large homes built on the foreshore before a quick stop at Runaway Bay to check out the shops and restaurants (tides dependant). You enjoy lunch on the back deck while we cruise down river to an anchorage off South Stradbroke Island. You are ferried to the shore for a spot of fishing, a swim or a walk across the island to the surf beach.
Back on board you partake in sunset drinks while you anticipate what might be on the menu for your fabulous dinner. After, relax on the top deck for a chat while taking in the mild Gold Coast weather and the lights of the city.

Day 2: Have a leisurely breakfast of fresh fruit and cereal or maybe a full English breakfast? There is another opportunity for a swim, walk, or if you're more adventureous, a water ski or ride on the sea biscuit. That leads in to lunch - either served on board or if you prefer a real outdoor version, a picnic on the beach. We then cruise around for a couple of hours and enjoy yet another delicious dinner while anchored up for the night. Plenty of movies to choose from if you fancy a chill out night with popcorn.

Day 3: After another filling breakfast you have the opportunity for more water ski/adventure activities or just read and relax. After lunch there is the opportunity to peruse the prawn trawlers and purchase fresh caught prawns to take back home for the family. It's then a leisurely cruise back to the marina for berthing - in time for you to catch your flight back home.